Paul Toner is proudly endorsed by


I am honored to have worked with Paul Toner during his four successful terms as president and vice president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Paul has been a strong advocate for his members and the labor community while fighting hard for students and working families. He has shown true leadership by collaborating at the state and national levels to help everyone focus on the most important issue of our day: ensuring a high-quality education and equal opportunities for all of our students. I strongly support Paul's candidacy for the NEA Executive Committee. He is the type of thoughtful leader we need as we reshape our schools and our society for the 21st century.
Governor Deval Patrick, State of Massachusetts


Paul is the right leader at the right time. Paul’s experience and collaborative style are assets for an association that faces tremendous internal and external challenges. Paul is accessible and responsive to the needs of all union members. He has established relationships with education leaders and policymakers. Paul is an innovative leader who advocates for and protects the rights of all professionals while also advocating for advancing the profession.
Sharon Fishbaugh Gallagher, President of the Utah Education Association


I am proudly supporting the candidacy of Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. Paul has the courage to make tough decisions and the experience and the skills to lead our members in improving and strengthening our profession.   He is knowledgeable on the issues, clear in his communications, transparent in his decision making and can motivate the membership.  Anyone that has worked with Paul knows he is a quick thinker, values teamwork and has a never-ending commitment to our students and our members.
Kerrie Dallman, President of the Colorado Education Association


It is my pleasure to support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. I have known and worked with Paul for the past five years and am impressed with his work ethic, quality of character, and willingness to take the lead in organizing. His outstanding leadership and commitment to MTA and NEA is well documented. Paul exhibits the type of leadership, vision and advocacy needed to impact public education policy and strengthen the profession. I am proud to support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee and encourage "one and all to vote for Paul!
Rodney Ellis Sr., NCAE President


Paul has always demanded that the voice of the practitioner must be at the center of any discussion about the future of public education. His voice on NEA's Executive Committee will be the voice of NEA's rank and file.
Dick Iannuzzi, Former President of the New York State
Union of Teachers


Paul's leadership in leading our profession at the national level has been instrumental moving NEA forward. I strongly endorse his candidacy for NEA executive committee.
Rita Haecker, Texas State Teachers Association


Paul will be a leader for all NEA members. I have the pleasure of working with Paul as a colleague in our roles as state presidents. I've seen his development as a state and NEA leader. Two words I most associate with Paul are commitment and skill. When I hear about the good things happening in Massachusetts and the continuing influential role that MTA plays across the state, I see Paul's leadership at work, engaging his members and leading a strong organization. Paul takes the initiative. And he does this with a wide array of skills that make him one of the most accomplished, capable state leaders in the NEA family. I look forward to working with Paul when NEA members elect him to the NEA Executive Committee.
Andrew F. Morrill, President, Arizona Education Association


I have known Paul Toner for 7 years in his role as a state officer. He has always been attentive and inclusive in leading meetings of the vice presidents and presidents. I am supporting Paul's candidacy because he has been a good listener and appreciates the needs of all of our affiliates. He will be a strong champion for all of our members and state affilliates from small right to work states to our larger collective bargaining states. Most importantly he will be an advocate for our students, our members and our profession. Please vote for Paul Toner!
Calvine Rollins, President, Georgia Association of Educators


Paul gets it. He understands that working collaboratively is the only way we are going to be successful in supporting public education, our members and working families. We need to join hands and work with other unions as well to support collective bargaining rights, pensions and to fight against those that would take them away. As we have in Rhode Island, under Paul's leadership, Massachusetts is part of the AFL-CIO, supporting both public and private sector unions. Paul has worked tirelessly on behalf of his members and the students of Massachusetts to guarantee that changes in education are done right and lead to greater opportunities for all. Massachusetts' success is not a secret; collaboration, standing with fellow unions, and never stop advocating for members and students. Paul will bring that same energy and commitment to the national level and why I am thrilled to support him!!
Lawrence Purtill, President of NEA-Rhode Island


I have known Paul for a number of years now as we have moved through the ranks of state leader together. Paul has always been an organized, effective leader who gets things done. He is a great advocate for members and for public education. As a member of the NEA Executive Committee, I know Paul will continue his passion of moving our association forward and standing up for public education.
Betty Weller, Maryland State Education Association


Paul Toner is a man of dignity, vision, and common sense.  He always has the best interest of his members in mind when difficult decisions must be made. He realizes the importance of listening to and incorporating the ideas of members in planning the future of our organization. In addition, he is a strong advocate for the union to take charge of quality and lead in the crucial work of improving teaching and learning to benefit students.  Paul’s expertise and exemplary leadership style make him a perfect fit for the NEA Executive Committee.  I am proud to support Paul and urge you to vote Toner for NEA Executive Committee in 2014!
Cinda Klickna, President of Illinois Education Association


I am supporting Paul Toner's candidacy for NEA Executive Committee. I trust in his ability as a leader.  As president of NEA-New Hampshire, I have had an up-front seat watching Paul lead the MTA as they have successfully organized to elect pro-public education candidates like Governor Deval Patrick and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.  He understands the political arena in which the NEA and our state affiliates must navigate right now.  He also believes deeply in the importance of collective bargaining and collective action to protect public education, the teaching profession and the middle class.
Scott McGilvary, President of NEA New Hampshire


A state president has a special connection to both members in our public schools and the NEA in Washington. Paul Toner realizes the importance of representing the rank and file membership at the national level. He currently serves as president of the National Council of State Education Associations (NCSEA). The NCSEA is the link between state affiliates and the NEA. Paul's energy and commitment to our union strengthen this link. His progressive vision for our association will serve to strengthen the NEA's role and relevance in both education policy and unionism. I wholeheartedly support Paul Toner's candidacy for NEA Executive Committee!
Martha Allen, Vermont-NEA President


I have known Paul since we became Vice Presidents together and worked to plan the professional development training sessions for our group of state leaders. Paul is a dedicated, thoughtful, and perceptive leader who indeed has his finger on the pulse of his membership. He is a staunch advocate, a visionary, and an individual committed to flexible and collaborative consensus building. I am proud to consider him a friend, and I support his candidacy for the NEA Executive Committee.
Sheila Cohen, President, Connecticut Education Association


Paul has represented Massachusetts and New England well throughout his tenure as vice-president and president. His expertise and advocacy on the issues we face makes him well qualified for NEA's Executive Committee. I ask you to vote for Paul Toner.
Lois Kilby-Chesley, President, Maine Education Association


I learned how to be a local president by following Paul's example as MTA President. I watched him proactively put a substantive proposal on the table concerning teacher evaluation in response to Race to the Top. Then he stood up for what he believed in, and took the heat. That's impressive. His proposal framed the issue and other stakeholders had to react to the MTA proposal. Now, as local affiliate president, when there is an MOA to be written or a problem to be solved I get there first, do the work, and always get a better result than I would have if I sat back and was reactive. I learned that from Paul. He is a stand up guy who matches his words with actions. Paul Toner is a leader NEA needs now.
Steve Owens, Secretary/Treasurer Vermont-NEA
President, Washington Central Education Association


The NEA needs strong leaders in these difficult times. That's why I am supporting Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. As a state leader, I have observed Paul's strategic leadership in the political arena of Massachusetts and in professional issues, especially concerning teacher evaluation. He has been a smart and successful advocate for his members and an excellent representative for teachers and the NEA on the national stage. I hope you will join me in supporting and voting for Paul Toner!
Jackie Hicks, President of South Carolina Education Association


Good leaders are those who engage and educate themselves and others. This statement describes Paul to a "T". As President of his state organization, he has brought his voice and vision to the members and is the right choice to further the work of NEA as a member of the NEA Executive Committee. He is a man of action and a strong advocate for children and educators. Paul will work tirelessly to promote the cause of members, the organization, and public education for all children. I truly believe that he is the right candidate for the job.
Deborah Meaux, President of the Louisiana Education Association


Paul Toner gets it--he understands that we must be the ones leading our professions. That's why I support Paul for NEA Executive Committee. He knows we are the ones who can have the greatest impact in delivering our message to our communities. Paul knows how to get the work done to make public schools not only survive but thrive with Association-led initiatives. I believe he can move us forward in a time of many unknowns--Paul has my vote for NEA Executive Committee.
Teresa Meredith, President of the Indiana State Teachers Association


It is with pleasure that I support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. He has shown outstanding leadership skills, both at his state level and as President of the National Council of State Education Associations (NCSEA). Paul is a man of action, and once he has thoroughly studied an issue and sought input from stakeholders, he helps the association move forward decisively. I especially appreciate his deep commitment to teaching and learning issues AND union issues at the same time. His ability to keep those two aspects of our advocacy intertwined will serve us well on the NEA Executive Committee.
Karen Godfrey, President of the Kansas National Education Association


The MTA Ethnic Minority Committee proudly endorses Paul Toner for the position of NEA Executive Committee. Paul has been a tireless advocate for his members regarding bread and butter issues but he has also been a strong voice on issues of race and class in Massachusetts. He has identified and supported new minority leaders within our organization and has stepped up outreach and engagement of our ethnic minority members and ethnic minority community in Massachusetts. Paul understands that we cannot be an effective organization if we do not develop relationships and support among all sectors of our membership and our community. Paul has been focused on making our association a leader in efforts to find solutions and fight for resources to close the achievement gap among our students. Please vote for Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.
Christine Boseman, Chair of the MTA EMAC Committee


Paul Toner believes in engaging all families and community partners in order to help students succeed. He is especially concerned about engaging Black and other communities of color at the national, state and local levels for greater educational participation. He is committed to addressing the needs of all of students. In Cambridge, as a classroom teacher, Paul worked almost exclusively with students of color and new immigrant families. As a local and state leader, Paul has focused on not only traditional union issues but on closing achievement gaps in our urban and ESL communities. As leader of the MTA he reached out to leadership of the NAACP, New England Area Conference, to form a Partnership to Address the Achievement Gap. Our goal is to bring teachers, African American parents and other community members together to advocate for: a) increasing the number of educators of color; b) improving the quality and affordability of early childhood education; c) encouraging and supporting more highly qualified and experienced educators to work in low income area schools to improve instruction; d) providing teachers and administrators with resources to support excellent teaching, learning and leading; and, e) examining and addressing racial disparities in school discipline and reducing school suspensions. Paulís demonstrated concern for all students and, his commitment to addressing their educational needs, leads me to wholeheartedly support his candidacy. Everyone will benefit from Paulís leadership as a member of the NEA Executive Committee.
Juan Cofield, President of the New England Area Conference of the NAACP


I have known Paul as the strong and leading voice of MTA for many years. Paul has given me and other new members many opportunities to advance my knowledge and leadership skills. His commitment and strong advocacy, not only for our organization, but also for our students and community, have encouraged me to be more active and take on leadership roles in our association. He is always willing to hear from members, share his expertise and work together to find solutions. I truly admire Paul and I am proud to endorse Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.
Saul Ramos, MTA ESP Committee, MTA Equal Opportunity Council, ESP Director for the NEA Hispanic Caucus


Over the last ten years, I have served on multiple MTA committees, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors with Paul Toner. He is the type of leader I want on the NEA Executive Committee. His innovative ideas and ability to work with various groups to reach fair and reasonable solutions is absolutely incredible. Paul is very supportive of his colleagues, listens carefully to what's being said not only by his supporters, but opponents as well. His intelligence, quick thinking and strong communication skills have made him an articulate advocate for members in the public. He has made MTA an organization that policy makers, parents and politicians alike listen to! As an NEA Executive Committee member he will help put NEA in the forefront on education and labor issues and stand up to our critics while keeping us all focused on a positive vision for public education in the 21st century. I urge all delegates to the NEA-RA to support and vote for Paul Toner as our next NEA Executive Committee member!
Kathy Meltsakos, MTA Executive Committee Member and ParaEducator


It is my pleasure to offer my endorsement of Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. I have worked with Paul for about three years as an MTA Board member who represents the community colleges of Massachusetts. Paul has been on the front line advocating for the many issues that are unique to those who work in higher education. I know that Paul will continue his advocacy of the Higher Education on the national level, which is why I fully endorse Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.
Candace Shivers, MTA EMAC, MTA Board of Directors, Mt. Wachusett Chapter President, Sociology and Human Service Associate Professor


When Paul was running for MTA Vice President, we talked about higher education not slipping into the background of the organization. Well, Paul was true to his word. He has been and continues to be committed to knowing as much as possible about membersí needs and representing them in the numerous education arenas where clarity and vision are required. Paul was an excellent local presidentóan organizer and a rebuilder. He carried those qualities to state office, and he will bring his singular focus of representing all members to the NEA Executive Committee. Paul brings the broadest base of experience and knowledge to this campaign.
Catherine Boudreau, MTA Board and past MTA Vice President and President


I have known Paul since he was a teacher in Cambridge, and watched as he became local President and an MTA Board member representing both Cambridge and Somerville, two urban districts serving many Latino, Black and large immigrant populations. I respect him as a leader, and admire him as a passionate advocate for all. My unions, under the leadership of Paul, have honored me with many opportunities to serve. He strives to include all. Paul is always there for members when they need him. I know that as a member of the Executive Committee he will continue to be a strong voice for social justice. I am proud to endorse Paul Toner for Executive Committee.
Gloria Salazar, Member of Somerville Teachers Association, NEA Resolutions and Human and Civil Rights Committee


As a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and a current NEA Director, I have always found Paul to be a gentleman who is thoughtful about the issues we face and considerate of differing views every member of our association.  I proudly endorse Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee and truly believe that he is the ideal candidate for the job.
Tiffany Back, NEA Director, Past MTA member of the MTA Board of Directors, Newton Teachers Association


Paul Toner truly believes in the vision, mission, and goals of the NEA.  He possesses a deep-rooted passion for public education and unionism and can articulate his ideas and concerns with persuasiveness and clarity.  Paul has forged strong relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders in Massachusetts who respect what he brings to the table.  I am proud of what Paul has accomplished as our vice president and president, and I look forward to seeing him elected to the NEA Executive Committee to help the NEA become the most vibrant and influential union in the United States.
Ryan Hoyt, Co-President of Waltham Educators Association, Past member MTA Board of Directors and New Teachers Committee


Simply put, Paul Toner is by far the best person I know to represent us on the NEA Executive Committee. I have worked closely with Paul as a local president and an NEA Director. He has been a great leader in our state and has helped elevate the reputation of the MTA and NEA in Massachusetts among members, legislators, policymakers, parents, business and community organizations.  He has vision tempered by sound judgment.  He has the education and the experience we need and no one comes close to being as fit for the role of NEA Executive Committee. NEA members need Paul representing us and working for us.
Erik Champy, NEA Director and President of the Massachusetts Parent Teacher Association


I support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee because I believe he fully understands and supports the need for an active and diverse NEA membership.  He supports the efforts of the MTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee to ensure that our ethnic minority members’ voices are heard and embraced in this organization. I know he will bring his same inclusive leadership style to the NEA.
Susan D. Baker, At-Large MTA Director to Represent Ethnic-Minority Membership on the MTA Board of Directors and Chair of EMAC


I support the candidacy of Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. I share Paul’s belief that the teachers' union must be equal partners with parents, district management and the community as a whole in improving our  schools.  This is the direction we need to take as union leaders in order to best meet the academic and social challenges of our neediest population while advocating for our members.
Diana Marcus, NEA Director, President of Burlington Education Association


I am supporting Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee because he understands the needs of members and responds promptly to our concerns.  He has the ability to educate himself about issues facing public education and to work toward developing and implementing new ideas and solutions to the myriad issues facing teachers and education support professionals.
Timothy Sheehan, newly elected NEA Director, Treasurer of the Amherst-Pelham Education Association and MTA Board of Directors


I support Paul Toner because he has shown he has the talent, the ethics, and the personality to be an outstanding representative for the members of MTA.  Paul has always been a hard-working, visible presence among local and state teacher union leaders and has earned my enthusiastic support for NEA Executive Committee!
Mary Gilmore, MTA Executive Committee, Past MTA President


I am pleased to support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.  Paul has always been very approachable and responsive to questions and concerns with openness and promptness. He has been very supportive of retiree issues and has made all retired members truly feel an important part of MTA. If elected to the NEA Executive Committee, Paul will be a champion for retirees and active members alike.
Kay Roberts, MTA Retired, Past MTA President, 2013 Longest Serving NEA-RA Delegate


I am most pleased to support Paul for NEA Executive Committee because I personally know how committed he is to retiree issues. Paul constantly keeps Massachusetts retirees informed on issues concerning our pensions, COLA legislation, Social Security offsets, and health insurance benefits. Paul's presence on the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission and his advocacy in the legislature has been essential to preserving pensions and health insurance benefits for thousands of
our retirees.
Bob Brousseau, MTA Retired and teacher representative on Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board


I am supporting Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee because he has an understanding of the issues that affect all professionals in the field of education.  As co-chair of the Retired Members Committee, I find that Paul knows the retirees needs and works closely with us on our priorities, such as changes to the COLA, healthcare and insurance.  Paul has the knowledge, the will and the compassion to lead us through these difficult times.
Richard Liston, MTA Board of Directors, Past NEA Director,  member of Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board and Co-Chair of the MTA Retired Members Committee


Paul Toner has my endorsement for NEA Executive Committee because he has demonstrated excellent leadership on both higher education and K-12 issues.  He has the experience and knowledge necessary to lead our union and the profession.  We need leaders who have a vision for the future of education in the 21st century and can hit the ground running on all of the issues we face as a union. Finally, Paul Toner has been accessible to members and local leaders since his first day as a state association leader, and I know he will continue to stay connected with the membership. Please vote for Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee!
Jim Rice, Past President of National Council for Higher Education, Professor of Communications, Quinsigamond Community College


I wholeheartedly support Paul Toner for the NEA Executive Committee. As MTA president, he has cultivated partnerships with other unions, social justice organizations, and state and local leaders in order to strengthen our communities and increase support for public education. From pre-K through graduate school, Paul Tonerís leadership has made a difference. The NEA would truly benefit from his vision
and his voice.
Diana (Donnie) McGee, Professor of English, Bristol Community College, MCCC Vice-President


I am endorsing Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee because he will advocate for all NEA members Pre-K thru higher education.  As MTA President and Vice President, Paul has worked closely with teachers, faculty and all education support professionals.  During these tough economic times with public education and unions under attack, we need someone who will fight for the rights of all NEA members.  Paul offers the  leadership we need to move our professions and union forward!
Donna Johnson, MTA Board of Directors  and President of University Staff Association, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


I support Paul Toner’s candidacy for NEA Executive Committee because he is a thoughtful, visionary leader, who thinks outside of the box.  In Cambridge he actively recruited newer members into the organization, often connecting them to more experienced members who could provide mentoring.  His work was always proactive – whether working with members, parents, administration and the community to generate best practices to close the achievement gaps in our district – or successfully tackling a backlog of over 200 grievances. He is what NEA needs now – a strong voice for unions, a strong voice for our profession, and a strong voice for children and students.
Christine Colbath-Hess, President of Cambridge Educators Association


I enthusiastically support Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. He is experienced, knowledgeable and politically savvy. Paul shows a willingness to listen and act in support of our faculty and professional staff. As MTA President and a member of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, he has been a strong advocate for employees, for students, and for more financial support for public higher education.  He will be a gutsy advocate for our higher education members at the national level.
Joseph LeBlanc, President of the Massachusetts Community College Council, English Professor


I have had the pleasure of watching the growth of Paul Toner’s skills as a classroom teacher, grievance chair, local president and MTA vice president and president. Among the constant characteristics he has brought to all these positions are thorough preparation, hard work and an unfailing integrity. I am proud to call Paul my friend and to endorse Paul for the office of NEA Executive Committee.
Arthur L. Gilman, MTA Retired, Cambridge Teachers Association


I have known Paul since he was local association President in Cambridge and he has always been a thoughtful teacher union leader.  As local president, MTA Vice President and President Paul has worked tirelessly for the benefit of his membership.  As a local president of 25 years in Belmont I can honestly say that Paul has been the most accessible MTA officer I have ever worked with.  He is always available, returns my phone calls, e-mails, immediately if not sooner.  But even more importantly, Paul always brings a new perspective to discussions about teacher unions and the future of the education profession.  Paul is the type of leader that NEA needs going forward!
Bob Antonellis, Past President of Belmont Teachers Association


I am endorsing Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.  He will bring enthusiasm, knowledge, common sense and integrity to the NEA Executive Committee.  Paul has always been ready to listen to members and is a staunch supporter of public schools.  He has gained the respect of our legislators as well as cabinet members at both the state and federal level.  I believe that Paul will continue to support our members and fight to make the Massachusetts public schools the best they can be.
Jean Fay, MTA Board of Directors, President of the Amherst-Pelham Education Association


I have supported Paul Toner since we were local president together. His leadership and dedication have made him someone that I look up to as an association leader. Paul has what it takes to help his constituency make difficult decisions in difficult times and has accomplished this effectively. There are many issues and challenges facing NEA members today. Paul Toner is the kind of leader that NEA needs now!
Gerry Ruane, MTA Retired, MTA Board, former NEA Director


Paul is a highly skilled leader who has the knowledge, experience and vision to be a very effective member of the NEA Executive Committee. A person of integrity, he has worked tirelessly for all our members, active and retired alike. He is a very visible, effective presence in the fight for retiree issues and always includes retirees in the important workings of the MTA. It is without reservation that I support Paul for the NEA Executive Committee.
Stephen E. Gorrie, MTA Retired, NEA Board of Directors-Retired,
Past MTA President


I first met Paul Toner when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a student teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. Since then I have worked with him in his role as teacher, building representative, local president and state leader. Paul has always been supportive of Education Support Professionals at the local and state level. As a recent member of the NEA Board I believe that Paul would be an excellent addition to the NEA Executive Committee and I proudly support his candidacy. We need someone on the NEA Executive Committee with Paul's passion and commitment. Please join me in supporting Paul Toner!
Robert Travers, Former NEA Director


Paul Toner has a career long commitment to unionism! He has held responsible positions and enjoyed extensive experience in union leadership! He consistently communicates and advocates positive perceptions of our Massachusetts Higher Education members while tirelessly working to affect the quality of work life for MA Public Higher Education personnel AND K-12 educators. Paul is a strong voice in Massachusetts and he will bring the critical needs of higher education to a national agenda. Paul Toner has ALL the qualifications and requirements for the office of NEA Executive Board. I support Paul!
Ronald Colbert, Professor of Education, Fitchburg State University, Executive Committee Member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association


Simply put, Paul Toner is by far the best person I know to represent us at the NEA. As a past MTA Board member and as Treasurer of the Massachusetts Community College Council, I worked closely with Paul. He is a great leader. He has a strong vision for public education pre-K to higher education and exhibits sound judgment. He has the education and the experience needed to effectively represent higher education at the national level on issues impacting us as we face increasing calls for change. I urge you to vote for Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee.
Phil Mahler, Professor of Mathematics, Middlesex Community College, Treasurer and Past President, Massachusetts Community College Council


I endorse Paul Toner for NEA Executive Committee. He is strategic-minded, cool-headed, precise, and effective. Paul is the forward-thinking leader I want in our multi-faceted 21st century world. He is exactly the kind of leader we need at this time to help move forward the public higher education agenda. No matter what pressures assail him, Paul manages to stay grounded and connected to members, while always paying close attention to what is in the best interest of the union as a whole. Paul Toner has my vote and he should have yours.
Margaret Wong, Professor of English, Quinsigamond Community College, Past Chapter President, Quinsigamond Community College, Former Member MTA Board of Directors