Why I Believe That I Am The Most Qualified Person To Serve as an NEA Executive Committee Member

In order to be a successful member of the NEA Executive Committee, I believe that you must be fluent in educational issues and union advocacy work. You must be capable of working with a large and diverse membership, state and local leaders, staff, media and outside partners. A successful candidate must have a full understanding of the organizational structure and the financial and business aspects of the NEA and the state and local affiliates. In addition, an NEA Executive Committee member must be able to make hard decisions about where to allocate our limited resources. I have demonstrated these skills and abilities as a local and state leader. Working with my members and staff, I have:

This extensive background and experience demonstrates that I bring to the NEA Executive Committee broad hands-on experiences as an educator, local and state leader, state officer, and NEA leader. I know that with my background, I will be able to help lead NEA and our state affiliates in engaging all of our members and positioning NEA as the primary voice of the profession and public education.